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​Having worked in the creative and literary fields for some fifteen years, ten professionally, I have helped HeroCentral Studio become the culmination of all those years to experience to date. Since High School, Art School, Teaching Art Classes in Community settings and after school programs, Publishing periodicals for Profit and Non-Profit organizations alike including RPGS and online magazines, HCStudio is well prepared to help us excel at providing you with those very creative services that you are looking for on your project!


Story Telling (without selling out!) Sequential Artist/ Illustrator   Pencils - Inks- Letters               Editing                                         Writing - Scripting - Dialogue         StoryBoarding                               Graphic Design                          Marketing                                  Promotions                                   Sales

My founding of GIRAFNetwork, the H2Club, Co-Sponsoring Zine-a-polooza, Public Lecture circuit including SCAD in Savannah, GA, MOMOCON in Atlanta, GA, the BORDERS ArtJam Events, have all prepared me for the necessary people skills, managerial requirements and leadership quailties in demand to make HeroCentral Studio a huge susccess! Here at HCStudio, we look forward to working with you on your projects to make you a success too! 





Welcome to Hero Central


HeroCentral Studio is behind several projects that have been ongoing since its staffers were under the management of GIRAFNetwork. The hard copy superhero fantasy series HeroCentral Universe is still going strong, now with up to 40-44 page releases bi-monthly. The online webcomics Call Me Gregor, HeroCentral Jr., and Moonbane will be joined by archived serials from N2Deep, FanComix as well as new releases like Teddy Bear Charm and Captain 9 Deep Spacer!


Hero C Podcast will continue on monthly exploring the 5 C's providing entertainment and frank discussion of indie as well as mainstream topics. Panelists will discuss Character, Comics, Creativity, Connections, and Culture. Those five elements string all the randomness together!


Currently, HCStudio is a member of the United Fanzine Organization. A strong indie self-publishing co-operative, the UFO works together to help improve the art as well as promote each other's publications abroad. Support Indie and Enjoy the Experience!


Hero Central TV  is now up and running five months strong now hosting the Hero C Podcasts. We will be running some original content this next summer with a brikfilm series called Broken Limbs. Its done entirely in stop motion animation using a combination of photographs and brick built sets including minifigure cast members. Its going to be great! Everyone else is invited to showcase their short films, animations, animatics, motion comics, gif studies, and the like on Hero Central TV at no cost to you. Help everyone be creative by taking the lead in being creative!






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