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Hero Central Universe #14-15


Year |2015 - January-February

"As ancient heroes seek to find an Evil loosed upon our world, modern superheroes emerge from among the populace to round out the roster of global defenders known as HERO CENTRAL." Issue 14-15, double sized release is available for $6.00 hardcopy at our Store here as well as at Indyplanet.com. Digital Copies are also available for far less the cost!

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Year |2015-Hero C Podcasts!
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Thank you for visiting our podcasts, current and past, over at HERO CENTRAL TV and at the archive page at www.HEROCENTRAL.org! There is always more to learn when you experience the sum of everyone's experiences!

Year |2014 : Throughout Year

Mini-Comics released in simple folded single page episodes telling great stories to pass the time for insignificant costs!

Qi-Mon!, Monster trainers scower the land, water,and air to find different colored Qi to give their Monsters different powers to use in Battle Tournaments.

Teddy Bear Charm, A young girl's move to Osaka, Japan leads to a family's haunting revelation!

Capt.9, Deep Spacer!, Half way across the Universe, Capt. 9 and his crew aboard The Archibald privateer for the Empire. Pirate Raider X has his sights set on one such object of power, The Key Of ChronoTut, which can make its bearer immortal. The race is on to find it first!

Among Us!, Tale of aliens living among the townsfolk

in Leeds, England having hidden a secret for some thirty years for their survival.



More to Come, Just you watch!
  8 Pager Mini Comics


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